Principal's Message

August 2021

Aloha and Welcome to Waipahu Intermediate School.



As you explore this website you will get a brief snapshot of Waipahu Intermediate School and what we value and who we are.


We are a school that continues to grow and improve and grow and improve some more.  We are far from being where we would like to be, however we are proud of who we are and where we have come from years ago.


We were one of the original schools identified for restructuring at the onset of “No Child Left Behind” however our staff and teachers as well as our students worked hard to move us out of the stigma of being a “Failing“ school.  Hence we are no longer a Restructured School or considered a “Failing School”.  We are a school in “Good Standing”.


At every Accreditation Visit the Visiting Committee has commented that the students at our school is our greatest strength.  We are not perfect, however we try to give our students good experience at Waipahu Intermediate and we also expect them to behave as part of our school family and maintain a positive image especially in public.  We have had numerous comments that our students are well behaved and very respectful.  This is a community effort and we are thankful for your part in maintaining such a positive result.  “It takes a village to raise a child.” 


Our future looks bright as we wait for our Community Legislators fight to allocate funds for construction of our new building, which has been on the books for quite some time.  This new building will foster continued and new partnerships to help out students and community gain a forward trajectory to the 22nd century.  With a building that will not only assist in alleviating floating teachers but  abuilding that will boost career exploration for our students.  (You can get more information from exploring our website).


We are a school that understands our past, getting a better understanding of our present and looking to shape our future. 


I am proud to be a part of this school, this family, this Ohana.  We will make mistakes, pick each other up and keep moving forward to where we want our school to be.





Randell Dunn