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3rd Quarter Pick Up Schedule

7th & 8th Grade

Materials Pick-Up Day

Monday, January 11, 2021

Departments that are distributing materials:

CTE – ALL courses (Mrs. Blue, Mrs. Paranada, Mr. Dela Cuadra, Mr. Kozuma and Mrs. Loui)

ELL – Mrs. Magaoay’s Class

Fine Arts – iPad Pick Up

Math – Mrs. Bona, Mr. Staples, Mrs. M. Ishihara

Math Workshop – Mr. Fleming


Science – 8th Grade Classes, 7th grade (pick up module books)

Social Studies – Mr. Tanaka (Grade 8), Mr. Acoba (Grade7)

 Anyone entering the school’s campus must wear a face mask.

 Students, please show your school ID at the tents.

Students were informed by their teachers if materials needed to be picked up.

Parents/Guardians please circle the parking lot and drive by the appropriate tents to pick up

materials/supplies for the third quarter of school and exit the parking lot.

01-11-21 Materials Pick Up Schedule
Download DOCX • 15KB


10am – 11:30am – Last Name A-H

11:30am – 12:00pm – Lunch

12pm – 1:30pm – Last Name I-P

1:30pm – 3pm – Last Name Q-Z

school supplies


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