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Out of School Time (OST) Programs-Update #2

Program Update #2 (9/15/23):

1). All programs will start during the week of September 25th. (Except ISA sports programs. Only flag football and cross-country sports programs started. Please listen to the bulletin and view the school webpage for when specific sports programs will start).

2). Book Club (Monday and Thursday) and Hiking Club will be added to the after-school program list.

Program Update-The following programs will start on September 11, 2023:

Band (Uyeda)

CTE Coding (Loui) - No class on Sept. 19, 21, 26, 28.

Culture, Identity, and Self (Hill)

Health & Fitness (Asencios) - No class on Sept. 12. First class is Sept. 14.

Natural Resources (Kozuma)

Role Playing Games (Hill)

Waipahu Gardeners (Kozuma)

WIS Mystery Crew (Scarborough)

Morning Tutoring (Loui)

ELA Tutoring (Murata) - No class on Sept. 11. First class is Sept. 18.

Math Tutoring (Bona)

Math Tutoring (Bush)

Pacific Islander (Nishimoto) -Classes will Start Sept 19

NJHS (Yamada)

NHD (Yamada)

If your child fails to attend, your child may be dropped from the after-school program and would need to re-enroll.

Please see this link for the days and times of your child’s activities: Classes

Thank you,

OST Directors

Daena Tokunaga & Kirstie Akagi


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