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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

On Friday, March 24th, the Blaisdell Center was packed with students and families from across Oahu.

The following school or organizations participated in the event either as part of the competition group or the exhibition group. Even the WIS Chorus performed.

blaisdell concert hall

  • The Vibe

  • Elementary competition (in order of performance)

  • AAES

  • Ho'okele

  • Waikele

  • Honowai

  • WHS The Block

  • Iolani Dance Team

  • Middle School competition (in order of performance

  • Waipahu

  • Kalakaua

  • Hilo

  • Aiea

  • Ilima

  • WIS Choir


In the elementary school competition, there was a TIE....

Congratulations to August Ahrens Elementary and Ho'okele Elementary!!!!

In the middle school competition

Congratulations to Ilima Intermediate!!!!!

group picture

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